[TWITTER] Shaun Evaristo hints on Big Bang comeback? (110207)

Since yesterday Shaun has tweeted lots, and it seems as if its all about the new dance moves for Big Bang’s new songs

— VIP’s! guess where I’m going:)…haha 3:58 AM Feb 5th

more under the cut

— got some good replies!haha let’s just say it’s been a while since I’ve seen all of them…. 4:11 AM Feb 5th

— VIPs, lets play:) how about… if I get some new vip followers…I’ll let u know. haha 4:45 AM Feb 5th

— ok ok haha. u guys are awesome!! thanks for having a little fun wit me. VIPs,check my blog n u’ll find out! 5:06 AM Feb 5th

— Practice today…lets see what we what happens. I’m excited to hear some new music too:) 8:36 AM Feb 6th

— he’s in recording booth all the time! it’s kinda like me in the studio choreographing. just trying to take it to the TOP.lol about 16 hours ago

— good times,really good to see the homie finally!why dude always gotta be in fresh gear,ha need to step up my game. about 14 hours ago

— 1:the song I’m choreographing to is awesome! 2:I like what I’ve made so far:) 3:just to clear some tweets, mL isn’t a crew. 4: I’m sleepy… about 11 hours ago

— really mcm chair? hella dope! got to sit in it too. maybe I’ll take a pix in it later:) http://instagr.am/p/BcET2/ about 8 hours ago

— 3:30am,done dancing.chilled n listened to some newly produced beats. n now some ping pong!good teachers. about 8 hours ago


source: Shaun official twitter


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