[TWITPIC] MBLAQ G.O tweets pic of Mir (110208)

Original : 사랑하는 미르야 얼른 나아..

Translation: Dear Mir, get well soon..

source : G.O official twitter



Mir Profile


Birth Name: Bang Chul Yong

Birth Date: March 10, 1991

Blood Type: A

Height: 178cm

Weight: 60kg

Position: Rap

Languages: Korean

Interests: Practicing jokes

Specialties: Rapping, dancing

Charm: handsome and husky voice


Mir official twitter



source: keksprinzessin.wordpress.com

Thunder/Cheondung Profile


Birth Name: Park Sang Hyun

Birth Date: October 7, 1990

Blood Type: A

Height: 181cm

Weight:  56kg

Position:  Dance, Rap

Languages:  Korean, English, Tagalog

Interests:  Music, composing, writing lyrics

Specialties: Dancing, rapping, singing, yoga


Thunder/Cheondung official twitter


source: keksprinzessin.wordpress.com

Joon Profile


Birth Name: Lee Chang Sun

Birth Date: February 7, 1988

Blood Type:  A

Height:  180cm

Weight:  63kg

Position: Vocalist, Dance

Languages:  Korean, English (limited)

Interests: Exercising

Specialties: Acting, ballet, modern dancing


source: keksprinzessin.wordpress.com

G.O Profile


Birth Name:  Jung Byung Hee

Birth Date: November 6, 1987

Blood Type:   A

Height: 177cm

Weight: 64kg

Position: Main Vocal

Languages: Korean

Interests: Cooking

Specialties: Singing, dancing

Charm: soft voice


G.O official profile



source: keksprinzessin.wordpress.com

Seungho Profile


Birth Name:  Yang Seung Ho

Birth Date:  October 16, 1987

Blood Type:  A

Height:  176cm

Weight: 60kg

Position:  Leader, Vocalist

Languages:  Korean

Interests:  Music appreciation

Specialties:  Gymnastics, dancing, piano, card tricks

Charm: Strong leadership


Seungho official twitter

source: keksprinzessin.wordpress.com

[TWITPIC] MBLAQ G.O. tweets pic of self (110205)

source : G.O. official twitter

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