[PICS] SHINee at Seoul, Japan First Concert (UPDATED)


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[NEWS] DGNA comeback in Japan

The comeback of DGNA was announced in their live hug event in Shinjuku, Japan. As reported, the boys sang a couple of songs from their upcoming Japan album, had talks with fans and finally the awaited hug event.

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[PICS] TOP interview for web★1 (110209)

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Thunder/Cheondung Profile


Birth Name: Park Sang Hyun

Birth Date: October 7, 1990

Blood Type: A

Height: 181cm

Weight:  56kg

Position:  Dance, Rap

Languages:  Korean, English, Tagalog

Interests:  Music, composing, writing lyrics

Specialties: Dancing, rapping, singing, yoga


Thunder/Cheondung official twitter


source: keksprinzessin.wordpress.com

[PICS] SM Everysing Goods SHINee Key scans (110206)

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[cyworld PIC] Jiyeon and Jjong (110203)

Original : 샤이니랑 사진 찍었다! 더 키친 살바토레 쿠오모에서 샤이니의 종현군과~

Translation : took a photo with SHINee! with SHINee’s JongHyun-gun at The Kitchen Salvatore Cuomo (the restaurant)

source: Gook JiYeon’s cyworld

credit:  http://bruneishawols.wordpress.com

amiehazie | Tumblr

Hyunmin Profile


Name: Woo Hyun Min/ 우현민

Stage Name: Hyun Min

Birth Date: July 22, 1991

Bloodtype: O

Height: 181cm

Weight: 60kg


–loves to hug people

–friends with Mika

–former member of XING

–had a girlfriend before

–good at cooking

–has a younger brother


Hyunmin official twitter

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