[NEWS] DGNA comeback in Japan

The comeback of DGNA was announced in their live hug event in Shinjuku, Japan. As reported, the boys sang a couple of songs from their upcoming Japan album, had talks with fans and finally the awaited hug event.

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source/credit: http://www.youtube.com/user/peskota

[VIDEO] F.Cuz dances to T-ara’s “YaYaYa”

source/credit: seedmusic2008 official youtube

Yejun Profile


Stage Name: Ye Jun  (예준)

Real Name: Shim Ye Jun (심예준)

Position: Lead Vocal

Birth Date: Feburary 4, 1992

Height: 182cm

Weight: 67kg


youngest out of the group

ideal type is IU and wants to sing a duet with her

has a sister who is a professional golfer

called 18th dimension due to his fashion and eccentries


Yejun Official twitter

Jinon Profile


Stage Name: Jin On (진온)

Real Name: Kim Jin Chul (김진철)

Position: Leader, Rap, Dance

Birth Date: July 13,1989

Height: 183cm

Weight: 68kg




said to be interested in After School’s Lizzy

looks like Kwon Sang Woo

praised for his fashion

said to be an obsessed boyfriend once in his life


Jinon Ofiicial twitter

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