[NEWS] DGNA comeback in Japan

The comeback of DGNA was announced in their live hug event in Shinjuku, Japan. As reported, the boys sang a couple of songs from their upcoming Japan album, had talks with fans and finally the awaited hug event.

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[VIDEO] DGNA Ready Steady Go, Korea Part 3 (110202)


source: OPENWORLDent official youtube

Mika Profile


Name: Lee Su Hoon/ 이수훈

Stage Name: Mika

Position: Leader, Vocals

Birthdate: June 28, 1990

Bloodtype: B

Height: 178cm

Weight: 58kg



has the same birthdate as Karam

envious of Karam for being handsome

plays piano

has a younger brother

former XING member


Mika official twitter

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