[NEWS] DGNA comeback in Japan

The comeback of DGNA was announced in their live hug event in Shinjuku, Japan. As reported, the boys sang a couple of songs from their upcoming Japan album, had talks with fans and finally the awaited hug event.

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[TWITPIC] Teen Top Chunji tweets photo (110209)

This is Chunji and Ricky right? I can’t quite distinguish their faces yet…

Original : 리키와 저는 왜 김똘추가 되었을까요???

source : Teen Top official twitter

[TWITPIC] Minzy and friends (110208)

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[TWITTER] Shaun Evaristo hints on Big Bang comeback? (110207)

Since yesterday Shaun has tweeted lots, and it seems as if its all about the new dance moves for Big Bang’s new songs

— VIP’s! guess where I’m going:)…haha 3:58 AM Feb 5th

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[TWITPIC] F.Cuz Jinon tweets pic (110206)

Original: 어제 낯선형님 생일파티에서!! RT @nassundotcom: With JIN ON of F.cuz 어렵다.. 진철이랑 http://yfrog.com/h4bn9ooj

Translation: At a birthday party. (probably Yejun’s)

source : Jinon official twitter

[TWITPIC] Taeyang spotted dining out (110206)

Original: 빅뱅 태양씨 인증샷을 너무 원하셔서 올려용 태양입니닷!! (소심하게 옆샷)

source: http://twitter.com/classov + teambigbang.com

[TWITPIC] Minzy tweets pic of beautiful scenery (110206)

Original: 제주도 갔었을때.. 너무 추울때가서 코가 시려웠지만 정말 자연의 경치에 빠져들었던…
자연이 주는 선물!!

Translation: (Something about going to an island feeling very cold and loving the scenery)

source: Minzy official twitter

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