[me2day PIC] Dara updates me2day with manager (110210)

Original : 굿모닝!^.^ 이 발은 누구의 발일까요???ㅋㅋㅋ어 이거 약간 탑군 스타일인데… ㅋㅋㅋ

Translation : Good morning! Who’s feet are these? This is a little like TOP-goon’s style…kekeke

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[PICS] SHINee at Seoul, Japan First Concert (UPDATED)


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[NEWS] DGNA comeback in Japan

The comeback of DGNA was announced in their live hug event in Shinjuku, Japan. As reported, the boys sang a couple of songs from their upcoming Japan album, had talks with fans and finally the awaited hug event.

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[TWITPIC] Teen Top Chunji tweets photo (110209)

This is Chunji and Ricky right? I can’t quite distinguish their faces yet…

Original : 리키와 저는 왜 김똘추가 되었을까요???

source : Teen Top official twitter

[PICS] TOP interview for web★1 (110209)

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[PIC] Big Bang in Las Vegas proof

Daesung boarding for Las Vegas right there =P Vegas VIPs don’t miss this chance XD

source : viplove tumblr

[TWITPIC] MBLAQ G.O tweets pic of Mir (110208)

Original : 사랑하는 미르야 얼른 나아..

Translation: Dear Mir, get well soon..

source : G.O official twitter


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